Meet the June Crafters – Chromatophobic

Who are you, and what do you make?

Chromatophobia (krō′mad·ə′fō·bē·ə): an abnormal aversion to colours.

Chromatophobic is: not-so-colourful jewellery and accessories including limited edition brooches, pendants, shirt buttons and also dude friendly cufflinks.  All Chromatophobic products are created from scrap material and packaged in treehuggy reused/reusable stuff. Grimlies and other jewellery characters may look slightly homicidal, but they are trying to be kind to the planet!  They are also postage friendly and suitable for a range of budgets.

How did you get into the business of making things?

I’ve always made things for myself and subjected those around me to handmade anything and everything.  People kept commenting on my demented character brooches and suggested that I should start selling them, which I thought was a silly idea because I didn’t want to be polluting the world with more “stuff”.  Then I figured that if I make everything from offcuts that would get thrown out anyway, there would be no harm done.  Think of it as upcycling.

What do you enjoy most being a crafter?

I turn waste material into something that people desire, which makes the greenie in me quite excited.

What is the hardest part of selling your own Crafts?

I cannot stand the idea of exerting pressure on anyone to spend money on something essentially frivolous.  Let’s face it, one can probably live quite happily without cufflinks.

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself? Or What advice would you give someone else?

Stop whingeing and go and get some damn exercise.

what’s your newest creation?

I’ve been making snowflake coasters out of wool felt.  Ended up with masses of felt offcuts piling up in my office so decided to make the most of them.  It’s 100% wool felt, and you can’t even get it in NZ.

What is your favourite current Crafting trend?

There are crafting trends??  Why did no one tell me?

What websites or blogs do you visit on a daily basis?

I like the writing:

What’s so important about buying handmade?

You know that you’re not paying for a clone of a million other brooches/rings/dolls or something that has enough embodied energy to sustain an Olympic team.

How or where can we find out more about you?

My website doesn’t want to co-operate, so

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