Christmas 2013 Craft2.0

What is Christmas without a bit of handmade under the tree?  We all love to give (and sometimes even receive) a little craft during the most special season of the year. There will always be the hustle and bustle of the season and it seems to be everyone’s busiest time, but if time wasn’t made for the little things, the heartfelt and handmade things, where would the spirit of Christmas dwell?  Craft2.0 is on its way to bring you these treasures hard to find elsewhere!  We provide the best of NZ handmade so you can give that heartfelt gift.  There will also be bunting, festivity, and plenty of holiday spirit so make sure you save the date!

The merriest market of the season will be held 7th December, Undercover in the Atrium at Chaffers Dock Building, 22 Herd Street, Wellington.  Opening hours will be 10am-3pm.

We hope to see you there!


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If you would like to apply to sell, please see the Apply page or find the application link here.

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