Installing Movie Box On Unjailbroken iOs Devices

The movie box app is widely trending these days because of its unique features that has placed it a notch above the other entertainment apps. The capability of the app to present you with an all-round entertainment solution in its world has made it regularity in every smartphone. But the thing is some of the people are not quite aware about how to get this app installed in their iPhones and the android mobiles as the procedure is a touch different when compared to downloading other mobile applications. Downloading the app on platforms like the android and windows is simple but the same on iOS is a touch hectic. So, here is just a short note on how to go about the Movie Box App Download on your iOS software.

Installing Movie-box on your iOS device:

For downloading the v-share, you need to go through any browser and type v-share in Google. Here it will show the versions of V-share software for the iOS mobiles. You can download the one according to your mobile platform. The app is available for both the jail broken and unjailbroken iOS devices.

Initially, the v-share app was not available for the unjailbroken iOS users that made it quite frustrating because some of the iPhones versions do not support the jailbreak feature. But now the v-share program is customized and named as unjailbroken v-share that you can search via safari or any other browser.

But for the unjailbroken version, you need to trust the app in order to get it installed on your mobile. After this, in the v-share apps, you can search for the movie box app which will show up very easily. You need to double tap on the app that will evoke the install pop-up. You can install the movie box app after pressing the trust tap.

It is highly recommendable for the unjailbroken users to not update the app as it might stop working on your phone. The iOS platform does not support the upgraded versions of the movie box and you must be aware of the fact while using this app.