3 Reasons Why Connecting Instagram to Pinterest Is a Hack That Will Improve Business

One genius Instagram hack is connecting your Instagram to Pinterest. To improve your brand, let these social media networks make magic.

Think about it. Instagram and Pinterest, compared to other social media networks, have a lot in common. Both are heavy on user-generated visual content. Both are also visited by millions of people around the world daily.

So if you don’t have an Instagram and/or a Pinterest account, it’s time to hit the sign up button. And if you do have an account on both social media networks, it’s a wise idea to link them to each other. It’s good for business.

Here are the reasons why.

1 – Widen Your Reach

Having accounts on Instagram and Pinterest widens your brand’s reach by exposing you to a relatively bigger audience. The connection will let you can gain exposure to people who have no Instagram accounts but have Pinterest accounts.

Let’s use an example. If you have 10,000 followers on Instagram and 10,000 different followers on Pinterest, adding them together means you can reach out to 20,000 people. And a network 20,000 people is just a rough estimate of the people you can reach considering your posts can also reach non-followers.

2 – Increase Brand Awareness

Another advantage is the fact that you can increase brand awareness by establishing the connection. Especially if not a lot of people are familiar with your brand, connecting your Instagram account to the Pinterest network will help you a lot.

Take note that Pinterest gets millions of visitors worldwide daily. Even if you have yet to build a following on the network, you can still expose your brand to the community. That’s an additional exposure to potentially millions of people.

3 – Increase Sales

And ultimately, deciding to connect Instagram to Pinterest will increase sales. As the connection is helping to widen your reach and increase brand awareness, you are also increasing leads. And if your leads are increasing, it’s highly likely that the sales will catch up.

It’s understandable how your sales could increase via the Pinterest network. After all, many people there are willing to shell out cash to buy products.

Apart from business owners and visual artists, the people on Pinterest are shoppers. They are there to inspect a product or look at it from a good perspective, which is among the pre-purchase stages.

Final Thoughts

Connecting Instagram to Pinterest is a simple hack. Making the connection is a winning business strategy so there’s no reason why you should keep them separate. Just follow certain steps — this article tells all.