The Best Vacuum Sealers for Proper Food Storage

To have good health, we must store our meats, fruits and vegetables in the right way. A vacuum sealer is the best home appliance device that can help us to put our foods in an atmosphere that is oxygen free.  A big number of investors have found an opportunity in manufacturing these appliances, and this has made the prices to come down significantly. With the competition in the market, we need honest vacuum sealer reviews to guide us in purchasing the right equipment.  Below are the top rated and reliable vacuum sealers that we can buy.

FoodSaver V4880 Home

This food saver is affordable hence ideal if you are on a limited budget. It offers better services when we want to seal meats.  The vacuum sealer machine gives us consistent services despite not using the most modern sealing techniques.  It ensures that our foods are safe and can’t get germs and some bacteria that cause illnesses.  This appliance is handheld, and we can use it to seal our foods after marinating. Since no air gains access to the foods, the machine allows easy absorption of marinade.  This sealer is automatic, and it can give us an easy time when storing our foods most appropriately.

Weston Pro 2300 All- Round Vacuum Sealer

We can use this appliance for sealing foods in our homes or for commercial purposes if we are in the food industry.  If used at home or in a commercial food place it delivers excellent services and it can give us pride. It has a good price that targets the middle-class earners, and it ensures that we get value for the money we pay.  It is as good as the VacMaster which most food stores use, and it delivers excellent services if we are using it for our homes than the FoodSaver models.  If we want a food sealing device that is firm this is the best option.

FoodSaver V3240 Home Vacuum Sealer

This vacuum sealer has received a lot of positive reviews from users who have used it previously. We, therefore, have valid reasons for spending on this equipment.  This sealer does not require us to rob the bank to acquire it, and it can perform efficiently as the most priced vacuum sealers in the market. This machine is the best if we do not like the automatic appliances. It allows us to control all the operations to ensure that everything is running in the right way.  It has an awesome crush free feature that helps us to protect delicate foodstuffs such as bananas.  To get excellent services from the device, we should operate it on its slow setting because it can’t seal certain foods if the vacuum sealer speed is high.

FoodSaver FM2435

This vacuum sealer can run for an extended period without necessarily switching it off to rest. It has an efficient latch mechanism which helps us to seal a big number of bags.  The major limitation that this machine has is the lack of enough strength to get rid of all the air present in the sealing bags.

An excellent vacuum sealer ensures that we always have hygienic goods.  After removing oxygen from the storage atmosphere, our foods cannot rot quickly.  If we do not want our fruits to over ripen the vacuum sealers can help us. They ensure that our fruits do not ripen excessively by controlling all the chemical reactions.  Pathogenic bacteria and fungi can only thrive in our foods if they have access to oxygen. Vacuum sealers keeps foods in an air tight condition ensuring that our foods can stay for the longest period as possible without rotting.

When we are vacuum sealing our fruits, we should make sure that we have done everything right. If oxygen gains access to our fruits, they cannot stay for long. When vacuum sealing, the bags we use should be of high quality to ensure that our foods are in an airtight atmosphere.  If we are sealing fruits that have a bigger size such as pineapples, we can slice them into pieces for easier storage and vacuum sealing.  Vacuum sealers help us to save money and store more foods to eat when we cannot get fresh fruits from the grocery.

The Best Composting Methods for Our Gardens

We always have a lot of waste products from our kitchens that can be utilized to make organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer can be used in our kitchen gardens to produce organic vegetables or fruits. Organic food is healthier, compared to fresh fruit and vegetables that are produced using chemical fertilizers.  The kitchen waste can also be used to top dress our flower beds and make our homes more beautiful.  Composting our kitchen waste is not hard, but without the right information, the whole procedure can be very challenging.  Composting bins can help us to become organic fertilizers manufacturers and use our kitchen waste in an eco-friendly way. Below are some of the top rated Quick Composting tools.

Static Compost Bins

The container is open at its top to give us an easy time when putting the kitchen waste.  It has a single door at the bottom which we open to get the composted materials.  To get high-quality fertilizer for our gardens, we should put the following materials in the bin;

    • 2/3 green materials
    • 1/3 dry stalks or leaves
    • Clean manure

The materials must remain moist, and we should add more kitchen scraps on a daily basis preferably green materials.  To keep these materials covered we should use dry leaves and add more water weekly to keep the materials moist. For quick rotting we should purchase a compost turner that will aid in keeping the mixture well aerated to decompose quickly. A compost turner is essential because we cannot get into the bin and turn materials using the big garden forks.

Compost Tumbler

If we do not have time to do all the manual work a compost tumbler is an ideal alternative.  A compost tumbler is designed keenly using high-quality plastic.  It saves us the toil of turning the decomposing materials manually.  Tumblers come in different sizes and quality and their price depend on the two factors.  It has a hatch which we open and put the kitchen waste. It also has a feature that allows us to rotate the bin to help the decomposing waste to mix evenly.  Moisture settles at the bottom of the tumbler and we collect it and use it as organic fertilizer for our fruits and vegetables.  The fertilizer is also ideal for flower pots in our houses.

Composting Using Worms

This method is what most vermiculture experts recommend for our gardens.  The fertilizer we get from this method is in liquid form and it is the most natural fertilizer for organic farmers.   The solid by-products from the process add fertility to our soil and also attract worms that feed on organic matter. After feeding on the organic matter they excrete on the soil adding fertility.  Apart from making our soil fertile their weaving activities under the ground makes soil well aerated.  Well aerated soils absorb moisture and our plants are protected from dehydration.  The liquid fertilizer that we get from the worms is environmental, friendly and it does not release toxic elements to our soils. Artificial fertilizers have a high acidity which makes our plants to grow in a retarded way.

Kids? Pets? Carpets? The Shark Attack Approach

I have kids, and that means plenty of mess around the house. If you’re like me, you probably know where I’m coming from. The vacuuming and other housekeeping chores never seem to stop. And if you add pets into the mix, you’re probably exhausted by your cleaning routine.

What you need is a vacuum with plenty of suction, a large bin, and accessories so you can clean your sofa or recliner without bringing out another unit. Another plus would be a HEPA filter to pull allergens like dust and pollen from your home.

You might want to look at the Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet vacuum cleaner. This is a 3-in-1 vacuum that’s an upright, canister with caddy, or a lift-away. It functions best as an upright, but the benefits of the canister or lift-away make cleaning various rooms easy.


  • 3-in-1 design
  • LED headlights at floor level and on the nozzle and wand to make seeing dirt easier
  • Large-capacity bin (0.825 gallons)
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and reusable HEPA filter
  • Massive 30-foot cord
  • Controls for rotator brush in the handle
  • Motorized accessory brush for upholstery
  • Depth setting
  • 10-inch cleaning path
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The Shark vacuum comes with advanced steering, which makes it easier for you to maneuver the vacuum around corners and furniture. Inside the handle, you’ll find controls to turn the brush bar off and on, making the transition from carpets to bare floors a breeze.

With the Anti-Allergen seal and HEPA filter, you can remove 99% of allergens and dust, and the additional foam filters prevent those allergens from returning out the exhaust into the room. This is certainly a benefit to anyone who has allergies, hay fever, or breathing issues like asthma or COPD.

The vacuum has two carpet depths and one for bare floors. When used as a lift-away, the hose is short, and the unit isn’t light.

Another awesome feature if you have either children or pets is the motorized upholstery attachment. You can give your couch and reclining chairs a good clean since the brush is powered to suck up pet hair, crumbs, and dirt.

This Shark vacuum has been rated as the best vacuum cleaner for carpet 2017 by people with long-haired pets who shed regularly. If I still had carpet, I know I’d be interested in the Shark vacuum!

To top that off, it has a huge dustbin! At almost a gallon in size, this bin won’t need to be emptied as often as other models. And all that with a lifetime warranty from Shark!


Some users complain that the Shark’s hose is stiff and rather short. Of course, this doesn’t occur when the unit is used as an upright. And it may not pull as much debris off hard floors unless you run the motorized brush and use the washable microfiber pad (which is included).

So, the Shark NV752 might well be the best vacuum on the market for those with children and/or pets. And it’s less than $400!

Qualities of good Bluetooth speakers

Smartphones and tablets do not come with good speakers. Is not possible for devices designed to fit into the pockets will have sound qualities most people expect from audio systems. However, there is no need to worry about the audio qualities when you can use Bluetooth speakers to overcome the shortcomings.

The best way to get the best sound quality on the go when you can’t carry the whole sound system along is to use a Bluetooth speaker. The beauty of it is, Bluetooth speakers work with Androids, IOS and most other versions of mobile phones and Bluetooth enabled devices like laptops and desktops; virtually all devices that are Bluetooth enabled.

Before you buy the Bluetooth speaker, consider the following issues that may help in making an informed decision.

  • Different forms

Usually, most Bluetooth speakers are portable. But that is not a rule, some are quite bigger like those designed to connect to HDTV and your PC.  These type of speakers are great if you want to use at home, but not portable to move around, unlike cheap ones that  can fit into your handbags

  • Portability quality

Most Bluetooth speakers use rechargeable batteries, so you will not need a power source if you are using it on the go.  Though larger speakers like those intended for home theatre, PC or TV use may need a steady source of power. The truth is, the smaller the speaker, the less likely that it will produce awesome sound.

  • Durability quality

This is a fact, not all Bluetooth speakers are built for outdoor use, and some may not fit for poolside use as well. You need to find out if your speaker is rugged or can handle splashes, drops and other harsh conditions and still be working. Some speakers can’t just survive rough handling, here at iThingum, there are experts that will advise on the strengths and weakness of every Bluetooth speaker you consider from their list.

  • Sound quality

Sound quality is priceless if you are not just searching for a portable device. High-quality audio is perhaps, the best feature most users are looking for in speakers. Precisely duplicating low frequencies sounds without altering it at higher volume is a way to know the sound quality of a good speaker.

You should consider clarity when shopping for a new speaker, not just power, everyone likes to experience clear audio, not a mere noise maker.

  • Reliable connectivity

Cheap speakers may not connect easily, so be mindful of the type and the nature of speaker you are planning to buy, it may not be value for money if you go for a low-quality speaker that will not readily connect with your smartphone or other mobile devices.

Before you buy Bluetooth speaker, it is better that you consider matters that are important in having a good wireless speaker that you can use on the go, the sound quality is a paramount quality in good speakers and a speaker that is not durable may not be the best to use on the go.

How I got my new vacuum cleaner

Recently I had to buy a new vacuum cleaner. My old one has lost suction power and no matter what I tried in order to fix it, the problem didn’t go away. As I have pets, I simply cannot survive without a powerful vacuum cleaner to get rid of pet hair and other related particles, so I had to bite the bullet and get a brand new one. With so many vacuum cleaners out there, it’s never been an easy choice. Also, after having owned the last vacuum for just three years before it started causing trouble, I wanted to invest more time and effort in making sure I got the right one this time. Here are a few things I did that helped me find one I’m happy with.

Firstly, I went online and started reading reviews. I narrowed down my search to those vacuum cleaners that had plenty of positive ratings, particularly for what I was after, i.e. getting rid of pet hair in a multi-pet household. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these were all from major, well-known brands. I don’t know if this is because these brands are really better, or because people just prefer to go for a big name, so those are the vacuum cleaners that generally do well. Either way, it was encouraging.

I also went on a few consumer forums and posed some specific questions about what I wanted to know. In particular – how long does the machine last before it starts losing power, are there any known issues, etc. Then I started asking around among my friends, many of whom have pets as well. It’s not exactly scientific, but other people’s experience can definitely count for something, especially if the experience is bad in any way. Ultimately, if things are going to go wrong with an appliance, they’ll have gone wrong already for someone you either know or can get in touch with online. It actually put me off buying what I thought was going to be a really good vacuum cleaner, because I kept seeing people complaining about it. It’s a shame when you think you’ve found what you’re looking for, but better to know before you buy and end up experiencing the same problem yourself.

I actually went to some friends’ houses and tried out their vacuum cleaners for myself to see how they handle. Having a bad back means I prefer upright vacuums, but they’re not all the same, so it’s definitely worth trying a few to see which one feels the best. This may seem like a lot of work just for buying a household appliance, but a good vacuum cleaner should really last you for life and such things don’t tend to come cheap. I’m glad I took the time to do proper research and choose a reliable, long-lasting machine that does exactly what I want and stands a chance of being with me for a very long time. An added bonus is a good guarantee and customer service, in case anything does go wrong in the future.

Understanding food processors

It is no secret that food processors have taken the hard work out of kitchen preparation tasks. Right from grating to chopping, mixing and pureeing, food processors have been effective in making work easier in the kitchen. However, it is advisable to be careful on the type of food processors you go for since some of them may end up being a liability rather than an asset in your kitchen. Good processors come in different sizes, designs, and functionalities. It would therefore be up to you as the user to pick out one that will be most beneficial to you.

Deciding between a food processor and a mini chopper

Food processors are basically meant to help make the preparation of food faster, easy and hassle free. Mrs Foodprep notes that they help save precious times that would otherwise have been wasted with the traditional prep methods in the kitchen. These appliances range from large beastly sizes to the smaller ones that can be used for small-scale cooking. On the other hand, there are mini choppers that are mostly popular in small kitchens. These are meant for small amounts of chopping. In essence, mini choppers can be termed as smaller versions of food processors.
However, many have been torn between going for smaller food processors or sticking with mini choppers. One thing that needs to be realized here is that food processors are all about saving time. While a mini chopper can do the same amount of work that can be done by a smaller food processor, the same cannot e said about the time taken. In this regard, therefore, a food processor would be ideal if you are in a hurry or need to prepare large amounts within a short time. What’s more, a food processor can do so much more apart from simply chopping and pureeing which is synonymous with mini choppers.

What to consider when buying a food processor

The first thing you would need to take into consideration is the size of the appliance. Always ensure that you consider the size of your countertop before you buy the processor. This will also include checking the height of your cabinet to ensure that you do not face challenges when storing it. Above all, the size of food processor you will go for will be determined by the size of the family or food being prepared.

The other factor you will need to consider is the size of the feeding tube, the larger, the better. Most food processors come equipped with a lid that has a wider tube. This ensures that you process larger items like cucumbers and potatoes without the need to chop them first. Bowl sizes also matter much in a food processor. Large capacity bowls are ideal since they ensure bigger batches.

Whatever the type of food processor you go for, ensure that you get one that fits not only your budget but also your food preparation needs. This will go a long way in improving efficiency in your kitchen.

Things to consider before you purchase led grow lights

Indoor planting has gotten to become popular these days, not only a leisure activity but rather as a consequence of the brutal climatic changes that have assumed control over the air as of late. The late innovation set up is the utilization of grow lights.

It’s more solid and has been observed to be beneficial, giving you a measure of mental fulfillment and improving the nature of your life. The essential needs of plants incorporate sunlight, water, and nutrients. However, placing your plants by the window or at your veranda doesn’t exactly get the work done.

Here are some things you should consider before buying a grow light:

The product you are growing

Plants react to various climatic conditions and ought to be dealt with as such to get excellent results to make benefit.

Any grow light ought to have the capacity to grow a plant from seedling to flower, however an essential piece of their development is in their finished result.

Keeping in mind the goal is to get the best final result of these plants; you need to get the correct nourishment for that to happen. There is different led light and they serve a different purpose. The type of flower you want to plant will determine the type of led light that you will use.

If you wish to know the different type of Led light that is suitable for different flowers just hop over to this site to know more.

Quality of Light

One of those things you should place close attention to when purchasing a grow light is the ferocity of the light.

Your plants should be presented to the right measure of light to adjust with the measure of waste warmth produced.

A lot of warmth can shrink the plant, particularly sprouts and the youthful seedlings which is the reason some indoor planting supports LED lights which can be set nearer to the plants from the top of the roof without burning the plant for quality development


These are the most important things to consider albeit, there are others too like your budget, the spectrum, the cooling system and finally the size of your growing space.

Note: the size of your growing space will determine the size of the grow light you are to purchase as it will be wrong to buy a large grow light when you will be utilizing a small place.

Maintain The Beauty Of Your Lawn With Lawn Movers

When it comes to taking care of your lawn, garden area or backyard, the equipment which comes most handy is the Lawn Mower. Cutting grass every week or two requires a lot of patience and time if you don’t have the right equipment to do it. A lawn mower efficiently cuts the grass and makes your grass cutting experience much easy and reliable. There are many types of lawn mowers available in the market to choose from and you can purchase one depending upon your needs and usage. If you are having any kind of confusion while selecting the best lawn mower according to your needs, you can refer to the site Lawn mower lane or can following the below discussed points for your better understanding:

Engine: Engine is the heart of any machine which makes it work. Lawn mowers engine power usually lies between 140cc – 190cc. You can choose the engine power depending upon your usage. A larger engine will generate more power which can be helpful in cutting tall and strong grass and other things which are difficult to cut using an average lawn mower. You can use light engine lawn mower if you have to cut small grass or if you cut very frequently.

Self propelled: Flat lawns or gardens are easy to cut with the help of a lawn mower but when it comes to rough or uneven surface such as rough terrains or some hilly area, it is difficult to mow the lawn or garden. In that case, a self propelled lawn mower is an easy choice for those who live in hilly area. The wheels of self propelled lawn mower are connected to the engine which provides power to the wheels and allows the lawn mower to move on its own power. This makes it easy for the person to cut the grass even on the rough terrain or on a hilly terrain.

Larger wheels: Some lawn mowers come with larger wheels where as many models come with small wheels. Both wheels are ideal for mowing the lawn, but most of the people prefer buying the mowers with larger wheels. Large wheels are big in circumference and are easy in handling and offer better maneuverability. Large wheels are also ideal for mowing your lawns on rough terrain. Small wheels on the other side get stuck in the rough terrain and can cause some serious issues while handling them.

Trendy iPad Stands And Their Features To Help You In Making Your Selection

You all are gadget freaks and like to flaunt trendy gadgets but you need to remember that these gadgets are quite sensitive and you need to take some good care of them in order to make sure that you can have the best performance from them and also add to your convenience. One of the most important things that you need to have when you are buying an iPad is the stand that helps you in placing these pads with ease so that you have the maximum convenience while using them.

You can make a check on the to know about different types of iPad stands and to make the job even easier, here is a brief review about the best quality of iPad stand which is there on offer in the market:

  • The first thing that makes you to go for these stands is their durability to ensure that there is no any damage even on a very high impact which makes it easy for you to use the stands even roughly and you need not to worry when it falls off the table.
  • Secondly, the lock mechanism of these stands is very good which helps you to make sure that the iPad is not detached from the stand even in case of a fall. It has got stylish and durable screws on both the ends which keep the iPad jointed to the stand.
  • Additionally, they are also very light which makes it easier to carry iPad in these stands without any sort of problem. With the earlier versions, their weight was a big problem that made the things tougher for you but it is not the case with these ones as they help you to have them anywhere and everywhere you go.
  • They also come with a mountable plate so that you do not have any sort of problem while fixing the iPad on the flat surfaces such as walls. This makes things even convenient for you when you want to use these iPad for your kids as there is a good danger when you hand them over to the kids. So, by mounting on walls, you get complete security while the harm to eyes is also greatly reduced.
  • Lastly, you are also attracted by their looks and if you like to have trendy gadgets which look appealing and then this one is definitely for you.


Hoverboards – For Simplest Of Movements Through Fun And Recreation

One electronic device that has captured the imagination of almost every individual in recent times, a hoverboard or electric rider is slowly becoming one of the most loved gadgets. The electric rider is a levitating board that is used to commute at a short distance. The segway is a self balancing device that runs on charging or through batteries that is installed under the self balancing wheel. The hoverboard technology is one of its kinds and is available in different designs and styles that give enthusiasts an excitement that is unmatched and quite enjoying. These electric riders are proving a hit among kids and children as an alternative to bikes and they are in awe of this device. If you are willing to buy a hoverboard, you can get to know about the best ones at The Electric Rider.

Double wheel balancing scooter – This one is the most popular electric rider and is preferred for safe and secure riding. The self balancing hover board is quite reliable and is equipped with anti-slip foot grip that makes it quite compatible in every place. The hoverboard is build using a robust design and is highly durable. Quite high on performance, self balancing electric scooter can achieve a speed up to 20 km/h. it is best for children who are yet to learn motor bikes and gives reliable security and easiness while driving. The double wheel balancing rider comes with a handle that is held to maintain the balance while riding the scooter.

Mini hoverboards – Mini hoverboards are best for those who can maintain balance while driving. The basic difference between the self balancing and mini hoverboard is that mini riders do come up with a handle attached to the device and balance needs to be maintained through self and are less in speed when compared to wheel balancing rider. These hoverboards are suitable for persons who ride for recreation purpose and give a satisfaction that is unmatched.

Purchasing a hoverboard can be prove to be quite difficult and it is in this regard that it becomes more suitable to follow the guidelines before buying the most suitable and reliable rider. Some factors that should be looked after are as follows-

Battery backup – One important consideration is battery backup, the rider when charged once should give maximum amount of running before being discharged. The batteries should be charged in a short time and should stay charge for a long time giving maximum efficacy.

Self balancing or wheel balancing – one important guide that should be kept in mind is the variety and type which you want to go for. Those who can maintain balance while riding should go for single wheel rider that is cheaper and easier to handle and maintain. Anyone who wants sound security in movement should go for double wheel with handle for maintaining a suitable balance while traveling.

Wheel selection – Hoverboards are all about wheels and it is in this regard that it becomes quite handy to select wheels that are most advanced and strongly built. Wheel should be such that can move on any surface and give soft and secure movement along the way by avoiding bumpy rides.