Trimmers and Edgers Handle Hard-to-mow Areas Effortlessly

If you are looking for a high quality string trimmer or edger, you have endless options to get what you need. How you plan to use these two will definitely influence your decision.

One of the biggest shortcomings of traditional lawn mowers is the inability to trim hard-to-reach areas of the yard. Today we want to look at the various areas of your home that can benefit from the use of these two machines. Though different in some way, they’re all comparable and you get a perfectly-manicured lawn when you use each. Let’s go!


Fences form a much-needed barrier between your property and the outside world. Apart from enhancing the privacy of your property, it also adds to the curb appeal of the property. Although they come with these and many benefits, they can give you a headache when it comes to their maintenance. This is because the roots of the fences form a haven for weeds, making it hard to remove using traditional weed-management tools.

Use a string trimmer to cut away the stray weeds that hug your fence line. If you have used a hedgerow between the fence and the grass line, you might have an easier task because you will only have to use the trimmer on the grass edge.

You can use the machine on picket fences, chain link and any other fence types that allow growth of weeds.

Lawn Furniture

Getting up to outdoor furniture such as wrought iron yard chairs using a lawn mower can be next to impossible. If you use force and get to the chair, you stand to damage the furniture or dull the blade of your mower. This is when you need to pick up your trimmer or edger and nip the grass blades from around the bases of these items without any damage to the machine or the furniture itself.

However, you need to be a little bit careful with ceramic items that might get chipped if you make contact.


No matter the kind of material you have used on your pathway, you need to trim and clear the edges of overgrowth. These edges usually get overgrown with grass, shrub and other weeds. Start with an edger then employ a string trimmer before using a blower to achieve a well-manicured look.

Stationary Vehicles

Weeds and grass grow very fast, especially when they get the right shade and moisture. Parking your car in the lawn can lead to grass growing around the tires. This is especially true if you leave the car in the same spot for weeks on end or if you have a classic car that you drive on rare occasions. Instead of wracking your brain looking for another spot to park the car, you can use a trimmer to get rid of any high grass flourishing around it.

Getting rid of the grass eliminates the appearance that shows that you have neglected the car and it is in disrepair. Additionally, there won’t be any clumps of glass sticking up when you finally move the car.


Mowing is tough when you have things that have been placed in various locations around your yard such as lighting controls, meters or irrigation systems. Most of these protrusions have grass growing around them, which requires a string trimmer to remove the grass without damaging the underlying equipment.

Garden Edges

If you have gardens that hold plants, you need to trim back any overgrowth on the edges. You can use the trimmer on scalloped or edges made of bricks. Removing the overgrowth defines the border between the garden and the lawn.

This also holds true with ditches that have stone or concrete walls. Use trimmers and edgers to remove any overgrowth without causing a problem with drainage.

Around Trees and Shrubs

If you implemented a sophisticated landscape design, then it features at least a few full grown trees and bushes. Allowing the lawn to grow right up to the base of the tree makes the lawn uniform. However, it brings issues with mowing. Make sure you use a trimmer and edger carefully around the base so that you don’t damage the tree.

Final Thoughts

One of the allures of a trimmer and an edger is the ability to handle hard-to-mow areas of your yard. Use these machines the right way and you end up with the best lawn in the neighborhood.