Guidelines on How to Find the Perfect Blow Dryer for You

If you are always searching for tips on how to find the perfect blow dryer then you have several things in mind. These include quick drying, even heat distribution, durability, ease of use, professional results, comfort and much more. But, with many brands and designs of blow dryers in the market you may be finding it not so easy to settle on a particular type. This is further complicated by the stiff competition amongst the manufacturers and venders. So what should you consider when searching for the right product?

Ionic Drying

Blow dryers work by diffusing ions thereby drying the hair. Cheaper or less-reliable products diffuse positive ions that usually results to the hair cuticle becoming dull and frizzy. In addition, the heat is usually radiated unevenly as seen in most plastic and metallic heating parts. Good blow dryers such as those consisting of a ceramic heating element diffuse negative ions. This allows the hair cuticle to eliminate frizz by trapping moisture. Furthermore, ionic drying protects and eliminates static electricity from the hair.

Tourmaline Treated Elements

There are several ways of treating the heating element that is responsible for generating the heat. However, the best form of treatment is using tourmaline. This coating creates even spacing within the elements resulting to smoother flow and dispersion of heat. Other forms of treatment lead to uneven heat distribution leading to too much heat at some certain sections and too little in other zones. Combining tourmaline and ceramic heating leads to quicker drying and is less-likely to damage hair cuticles.

Compact and Lightweight

Handling and carrying the blow dryer for a considerable time can cause fatigue especially to the fingers or hand. This is more likely to be experienced when working in a professional setting. To lessen the tiredness that may lead to poor results, it’s important to go for compact and lightweight blow dryers. Although they may be much smaller and weigh less than other products, these kinds of dryers generate high heat and can work continuously without overheating.

Ergonomic Design

One of the key issues to think of when searching for a blow dryer is its ergonomic design. This focuses on comfort and ease of handling the accessory. Quality blow dryers come with a smooth and soft grip that is less-likely to give you blisters or sore fingers. The handle comes in the right length and can fit into most type of hands whether small, medium and large. In addition, the material is resistant to heat and minimizes discomfort that may be caused by lots of heat. A good design also reduces unnecessary sweating that may lid to slippage or poor handling.

The above tips shed more light on finding a good blow dryer. It should feature ionic dying, ergonomically designed, tourmaline coating, and versatile. Blow drying may appear like a basic activity, however, it plays a vital role in taking good care of your hair. The right product not only dries your hair properly but also minimizes splitting or damaging the hair. By following the tips listed above on how to find the perfect blow dryer for you, identifying a good product becomes much easier.