Paving for Commercial Business Premises

Summer is just around the corner, and this means that more and more people are spending time outdoors. As a shopping centre, this is the time when you get more customers to your establishment.

In addition to the allure of your services and products, you need to try and make your shoppers linger a little bit longer with well-designed driveways and parking areas.

You can do this via using the right kind of paving material – stone. Stone paving brings more than just efficiency and a better look to your business area. Here are a few benefits you enjoy when you use stones for your parking lot paving project.

Visual Improvement

Your customers, even employees, don’t want to park their cars in an old and cracked pavement. The pavement can ruin the tires on their vehicles, and it is a considerable challenge walking on the pavement.

Once you notice cracks in the pavement and signs of wear and tear, you need to call your York Stone paver to replace the pavement material with the right type that can last you ages.

Having a well-maintained parking lot can improve the relationship that you have with the customers. It also makes a lasting impression on the clients.

Avoid Workplace Accidents

Cracks, potholes and uneven surfaces in the paved driveway or parking lot are a recipe for accidents. Believe me; you wouldn’t want to deal with a lawsuit that is filed against you by a customer that just broke a leg in the lot.

If the parking lot is poorly constructed and not well maintained, you stand the risk of lawsuit after lawsuit. Take time to work with a stone paver to handle the repairs.

At times, you might have to remove the old paving and install a new one. When this happens, you need to find the right professional who can handle this job in the shortest time and make sure you avoid the mishaps that can lead to accidents.

You also need to keep a keen eye on the pavement and parking lot to identify issues and handle them the right way.

Improve the Resale Value of the Property

If you plan to sell the commercial property sometime soon, you need to make it ready for potential buyers. You can only do this if you make the interior and external look appealing, as well as make your processes efficient as well.

Every business owner seeks to get a handsome reward when they sell their property, right? However, without the right impression, you might not be able to negotiate a good price for the property. Even the best real estate dealer might not be able to negotiate a good deal for the property.

Parking lot paving can add the aspect you need to improve the resale value.

However, before you can enjoy the improved resale value, you need to have to install the pavement the right way. York Stone pavers offer you the solution to this installation – the use of reclaimed stones.

Comply with Regulations

There are specific regulations regarding the way you organize the parking lot, especially when the needs of the disabled come into perspective. The Government oblige that the parking lots which you install be user-friendly, especially for user children. Paving your parking lots makes sure you comply with the regulations.

How Do You Ensure Perfect Paving?

You need to ensure you maximize each coin you spend on commercial paving projects in your home.


    1. Proper Planning

You need to enumerate the assets you have. Survey your lots and look for any defects. The pavement in well-travelled areas should take priority over other areas that aren’t as conspicuous. If you own more than one commercial property, you need to prioritize depending on the traffic and the needs.

You can use the information from the research to come up with custom specifications for each lot. You also rank the sites depending on the need for repair, which also helps you determine the maintenance schedule of the project.


    1. Work With a Paving Contractor

You need to consult with a paving contractor who understands the needs of your sites so that you determine the material you need as well as the style of design. The right contractor understands the unique climate, geography and installation needs of the area. The contractor also takes into consideration the land quality of the location.

The need for a local contractor is because they have experience working with previous projects and can come up with the right specification document without losing track of the overall goal.

The paving contractor decides whether to grade the soil and compact it anew or use the existing base. He also pays close attention to drainage, putting in consideration the kind of soil that is on the lot.

When a large quantity of water flows over a paver, it can lead the surface to become uneven. This is why it is ideal to work with a contractor that understands the various aspects of drainage in the area.

Before you work with a contractor, make sure you consider his specialization and expertise, because this can form the difference between a job that is perfectly done and one that is just done. Selecting a contractor close by reduces the costs of transportation, and makes it easier and faster for him to respond to requests compared to an out-of-town contractor.


    1. Be Present

You need to find a way to b present, whether by yourself or through someone from inside the business. This presence needs to be throughout all the phases of the job right from the first meeting through to the post-job inspection. This makes sure all the details of the job are carried out as per the plan, and that the repairs deliver the expected results.

The Bottom-line

Your commercial property is more than the interior of the premises – you also need to make sure that the outdoors is ready for your customers, potential investors and potential property buyers.