Preparing Your Car for Winter

Preparing Your Car for Winter

When the time for winter comes, you need to make sure your sports car is winterized the right way. Ask any Porsche expert, he or she will confirm to you that the process of winterizing the car not only makes it safe for you travel during the winter season, but it also keeps it in top condition. With this said, you can enjoy winter driving in your Porsche using the following steps that work with all Porsche models.

Perform an Oil Change

If you have been postponing that oil change for the Porsche, you need to make it a priority before winter sets in. Cold temperatures affect the integrity of the oil, which in turn make it work less efficiently. The older the oil, the harder it becomes to get to all the parts of the car. The best way to get ready for winter is to go for an oil change from an expert Porsche car service mechanic. You might consider going for a thinner kind of oil as compared to the normal consistency.

Get the Battery Checked

Even the best quality and durable batteries will work poorly in cold weather. This means the Porsche parts will have to work harder during the winter. Have an expert Porsche expert to test the battery and perform a full service on the terminals and check the acid levels to make sure everything is in great condition.

Replace the Wiper Blades

Wiper blades decrease in efficiency after a year of regular use. You need to make sure you replace them with compatible blades that will handle the winter snow and rain. You should also try and replace the wiper fluid as well, and make sure it is full. If the area experiences extremely cold temperatures, consider switching to an anti-freeze fluid.

Tire Pressure

The air that fills your tires is gas. As the temperatures get colder, the tires lose air pressure due to the air molecules slowing down. Therefore, it is wise to make sure your tires are inflated fully during the winter months. Balance the pressure between the four tires because any imbalance might increase during winter.

In Closing

Winterizing your car makes it ready for safe driving during the winter season. Each year, many people are killed because they don’t get ready for the conditions. Make sure you perform an oil change, replace the wipers and check the tire pressure before the freezing conditions set in.