Save the Environment With Eco-Friendly Transportation

Save the Environment With Eco-Friendly Transportation

Switching to pollution-free transportation is best done in the present. After all, global warming is slowly ruining the planet that people live in, yet society continues to utilize vehicles that contribute to air pollution. Now, if you are wondering which eco-friendly mode of transport suits you, then read further.


Bicycles are free of pollutants thanks to their simple design and mechanism. These are quite user-friendly, even among multiple age groups. Also, it is a method of transportation that can get you from one place to another quickly. Moreover, anyone can get a decent aerobic exercise from riding bicycles. And do not forget, it is quite a low-cost purchase and maintenance is cheap. Lastly, it does not require any form of parking space, so that saves you time, unlike when you use cars.

However, bicycles come with the disadvantage of not being able to travel long distances. Also, the road can be unsafe for any cyclist who is unaware of his environment. Furthermore, despite giving you a decent exercise, you also become sweaty after your ride. Also, you may need to spend on other parts that do not satisfy you, for example, you may be dissatisfied with a default bike seat, so you may want to purchase one from to replace the one that you found lacking. Overall, bicycles are the cheapest and most natural eco-friendly transportation.

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are step-up above the bike since these are battery-operated and require charging for them to work. Not to mention the fact that these have various functions for general and emergency use. Also, these are quite simple to learn, control, and maneuver. You can drive them around the city streets as long as there is pavement. Lastly, these prevent you from driving, at high speeds, thus, there is less risk of accidents occurring.

But then again, these are much more expensive than your typical bike. Also, its low-speed capacity can make driving take longer and turn off some people. Furthermore, their mileage is not as high as a bike, so that’s another factor you have to consider. Lastly, unlike bikes, these run best only on the road, so if you have to transport yourself through dirt, then you may have to opt for something else.

Electric Cars

Electric cars are quite the recent trend in the automotive industry. Furthermore, these fall into either pure electric types and hybrid ones, the former which only relies on electric power and the latter being able to switch between electricity and fuel. You have the advantage of more safety compared to bikes and scooters, at the cost of higher expenses. However, the electric batteries are already much cheaper than gasoline fuel, so it is less expensive than a typical car. Also, these have no emissions and are low-maintenance compared to cars that run on gas.


It is best if people switch to eco-friendly transportation to prevent further damage to the environment. If you prefer an affordable, nimble, and physically stimulating ride, then opt for a bicycle. And if you wish to go a step further into transportation, then you may select a scooter instead. Lastly, an electric-powered car may satisfy those who have long-term transportation needs.