Starting a Blog

There are thousands of blogs starting up every day. People start them for a variety of reasons, one of which is to make money. Another reason is to share the wonderful things that you see in your lifetime. A very popular niche for blogs is the travel niche. But there are a lot of travel blogs. Is it still possible to start a travel blog?

Why Start A Travel Blog?

People generally start a travel blog for one of three reasons.

    • One trip. They are going on a big trip and want to keep family and friend informed of their progress. The blog becomes a sort of online diary, with the addition of photos and videos.
    • Travel lifestyle. This is the second reason that people start a travel blog. It may be a student taking a year out to travel. Maybe a family is getting away from it all and travelling the world in a camper van. Or a retired couple who plan to see the sights they have been promising themselves throughout their working life.
    • Holiday habit. There are some people who take regular, standard, holidays. They may have a certain theme. They always take walking holidays. Or camping in a mobile home. Or climbing. This is a way to build an audience with similar tastes.

How To Start A Travel Blog.

Now that you have decided that you are going to start a travel blog, you need to know how to do it. Fortunately, there is some good advice on the internet for somebody wanting to start a blog. Probably the best article for starting a travel blog is this one It has very good advice for starting a travel blog and the 8 steps are very clear. Why do you want to start a travel blog?

One Trip Blogging.

If you are starting a blog to inform family and friends about your one big trip of a lifetime, then you will probably just blog. It will be a fairly traditional blog in that it is more of an online diary. You just need a suitable name and you are away!

Travel Lifestyle Blogging.

This is similar to blogging about one trip in that you will be doing an online diary type blog. However, you have the potential to do so much more. As you are actually living in a foreign land, as opposed to holidaying, you will see the country in greater depth. You can also blog about the food and cooking, living the lifestyle, and also about artefacts and furnishings. You could turn your hand to writing books. Write travel books about some of the areas you visit. Become an expert in the places you visit.

Holiday Habit Blogging.

A very interesting style of travel blog to start if you have a hobby that impacts your holidays. Even something as basic as holidaying with a dog gives other people useful information and can start a community of like-minded people. Your blog doesn’t need to just cover your holiday itself. You can blog about the planning, choosing the location, hints and tips, time of year to holiday, all sorts of topics. This is a great, all year round, travel blog.

Now that you know how to start a travel blog, what is stopping you? Just give it a go and start travel blogging.