The Perfect Toys for His First Birthday

The Perfect Toys for His First Birthday

The first birthday for your kid is an experience that you need to cherish and go after. The birthday tells you that your kid is growing up and has achieved various milestones. He is not a baby anymore and not yet a toddler, which makes it hard for you to choose the right gift for such a day. You have a few options to choose from because the baby isn’t big enough to appreciate many things.

One of the best options you have is to buy toys for your kid. Toys are ideal for proper learning and development. At this age, the baby is growing rapidly and is trying to take the first steps while touching everything. The senses of the kid are coming alive, and they get excited at everything surrounding them. The kid will want to pull everything from the shelves and push anything that comes in their way. They are busy learning from what you do, and they aim to do it well. It’s therefore vital that you come up with a few toys that will be interesting to your kid.

How Your 1-year Old Boy Might Play Now

At this age, the baby boy understands much of the words you try to say to him. He mimics your actions such as talking on your phone. He also gets to move a particular toy out of the way to grab another toy to play with. The kid is also interested in other kids but doesn’t have the interest of playing with them.

Additionally, the kid anticipates any actions you plan to make. For instance, if he is naked and you hold a t-shirt out, he will hold out his arms. The kid will make noises in a language that only he knows best. Finally, the boy will show his affection with kisses, smiles, pats, and hugs.

Push and Pull Toys

Kids get excited at anything that moves across the floor. Push button and pull back vehicles that will move across the floor at the simple touch of the button are some of the things your kid will get excited at. The car doesn’t have to be remote controlled; even one that they can pull with a string will light up his face.

You can also go for a toy that spins. If you can get a spinning game with different shapes, the better because it will help your kid to appreciate various shapes. Such shapes introduce the kid to hand and eye coordination and recognition of shapes.

Lights and Sounds

At this age, children respond to light and sound much better. They are curious to know what is going on behind the sound or light and will seek to switch it off or find a way to make it louder. Go for a toy that has various buttons to set up the lights or the sound. The kid will try and imitate the sound as they play, which n turn helps them develop their speech.

One of the best toys in this category is a pretend smartphone that comes complete with a touchscreen. The phone will distract the baby from reaching out for your phone every time you make a call, or you receive one. A smartphone with different sounds and flashing lights and phrases is a suitable toy at this stage.

Frankly, any toy that allows the kid to role-play what you do without breaking an expensive device or leaving sticky fingerprints all over your latest iPhone is the best option.

Scenery Play Sets

It is at this age that you need to introduce various elements into the baby’s life. Apart from introducing the various shapes, you also need to make them understand that various animals and objects exist. The best toy for this purpose is an animal-themed playset that you can get from  Make sure each animal comes with unique sounds that the child will repeat t enhance his speech. You can play with the child and show him where each animal piece goes. As the child grows older, you can test his memory by using the playset.


Having the right toys depending on the age is ideal for proper growth and development of the baby. Make sure what the kid needs and translate these needs into the appropriate toys.