The Wedding Checklist: 3 Ways to Make Sure the Guests Are Happy

Your wedding day may be your and your significant other’s big day. But this big day for both of you might not be a happy day for your guests. Since they are always ready to support you and see you happy, you may want to have their backs, too. Rather than merely send wedding invitations to them, and then think that you’ve done the job, consider taking it (catering to them) up a notch.

1 – Treat Them to Unlimited Delights

Not a lot of people have the attention span that can endure long speeches – not even when the most interesting people are the ones giving these speeches. If your wedding may open the door for people to honor you through talks, you may want to do something about it for your guests’ sake.

You can’t, however, cut these speeches. What you can do is offer an alternative for your guests: food galore!

Especially if they’re foodies, your wedding guests will adore the fact that you have prepared treats for them. And the best thing about it is that these treats are unlimited. So, when they’re watching other people give their toasts to you and your significant other, they can sit back and relax in their chairs – while of course, eating away.

2 – Hire a Wedding Singer

You should also serenade your wedding guests with fine music. You can do it yourself or you can let a brilliant wedding singer do it for you.

The latter seems the better option. You may want to concentrate on your wedding. And if you can’t sing, choosing this option should be a given.

For the most part, letting a wedding singer soothe the atmosphere with his voice and choice of tunes can take the stress off of your hands. A professional wedding singer also knows what’s perfect for the said occasion.

If you want to splurge a few months’ worth of salary to make this happen, go ahead. But if you don’t want to, it doesn’t mean that hiring a wedding singer is off the list. If you want a coupon code, you can get it.

3 – Carefully Plan the Seating Arrangement

And don’t forget the seating arrangement at your wedding. Many guests who dislike their seatmates tend to have an awful time – or worse, they end up leaving. So, plan this ahead and plan carefully. Also, acquaint yourself with each of your guests by knowing their personalities and history.

For example, avoid arranging a seat for a talkative person next to an all-out introvert. If you’re 100% certain that the two won’t get along, figure out a better strategy. Otherwise, they may end up annoying each other.

Wrapping It up

Remember that your guests are part of your wedding, too. Without them, you may not have a wedding. They are kind enough to set aside time to watch you marry the love of your life. They are going to be there for you no matter what – yes, even if you ignore this checklist. Since their support for you is constant, you can repay them by granting the chance to have the time of their lives to them.