Things That You Shouldn’t Forget to Rent For Your Wedding

When it comes to finding the right items for your wedding, renting is at times much better than buying. Today we look at the top things that you should rent compared to buying.


If you plan to have the wedding outdoors or the reception, you need to rent tents. This is a must. This is because the weather might decide to act upon that day and if you are not in an enclosed space, you might end up being drenched. If you ask, then yes, this action is ideal even if you have been told that the weather forecast is to be clear.  You never know when Mother Nature decides it is time to act.


Unless you want a dull and rusty look, you need to fit all the tables with linen from The Linen Hire. You need to make sure the linen matches the theme of the wedding and color scheme for everything to fall into place.

If you haven’t settled for a color scheme, then go for neutral colors to add to the setting.


One of the parts that might not be too fun is the picking of chairs and tables – though it is necessary to do this. You need somewhere for your guests to sit during the ceremony as well as the reception.

The venue might give you a few chairs, but these might not be enough for all the guests. What you need is to work with a rental company to make sure you get the chairs you need for the day.

Hint: you might need a few chairs for the musicians as well as the sound crew. You also need some chairs for the welcome area and tables to hold the favors.

You also need some furniture for your guests to rest their feet during the reception, or for anyone that wants to escape the tables for a while. Rent some few comfortable chairs and couches for the day so that your guests can sit back and enjoy the plush settees for a few moments.


After you have your tables lined with the linen, you need to place something on top of the linen – plates and spoons and cups. Without these items, your guests won’t have something to hold the delicious meals. You also need to make sure the bartender has the tools they need to serve your guests. If the bartender has his own set, then well and good, otherwise you have to rent some for the say.

Dance Floor

One of the things that lack in various venues is the dance floor. Making a makeshift dance floor is not in order on this day because it won’t suit such a day. What you need is to rent a dance floor that suits this space. The dance floor can be designed to show the names of the couple or in the colors of the wedding.

The dance floors come in various kinds of materials ranging from Plexiglas to wood. When looking for the perfect size, you need to consider the number of guests because you don’t want any of your guests to miss the dance.


Backyards and gardens don’t have electrical installations to work for your wedding. You need to get a company that offers wedding lighting for such events. This is especially true for weddings that are hosted in rural areas. The company usually comes with a generator to provide a power backup in case of a shortage.

Flower Vases

You might spend a lot of time looking for the perfect flowers for your wedding day, but you might end up forgetting about finding a place to place the flowers. Talk to the florist to rent you some vases that can hold the flowers, and also make sure the vases match with the theme of the day.


If your wedding is located far away from the amenities, you need to find a company that can deliver these amenities to your venue. This is ideal for weddings that are held in rural areas.

In Closing

There are so many items you can buy for the wedding, and there are some that you can rent. Renting helps you save cash and make it easy to handle the wedding.