Three Ways to Extend the Family Home

One of the greatest goals and achievements for most people in life is to get married, buy a house and have children (hopefully in that order!).

Buying and owning a family home brings much joy and the making of many wonderful memories that can be attached to it – but that family’s not going to stay small forever. Soon they’re going to be rambunctious teenagers demanding their privacy and the privilege of using any space in the house they please. This could be a good time to start thinking about the possibility of adding to that house, giving it some character and the ease of indoor outdoor flow so that the parents can be left in peace while the kids run amok. Here are three great ways to extend the family home, turning it into a place that fits everyone’s needs.

The first way to extend the family home is by building a porch around its perimeter.

If the house is the kind that is relatively simple in design and has a basic geometric shape allowing for this sort of construction, a porch can be a great addition. Typically exposed to the elements but sheltered by an overhang, a porch is a perfect place to put a comfortable chair, a small table for drinking that morning coffee, or planting a mini garden that can be maintained right out of the front door. Porches extend the house without completely changing it.

The second way to extend the family home is by adding a patio around the back that connects that back door of the house more practically with the backyard.

A patio is a larger extension of the home, built with the purpose of having an outdoor area capable of entertaining guests and even dining outdoors in those warm summer months. Patios are usually paved and often covered so that they can endure all types of weather. Driveways Derby offers high-quality patio paving, an essential part of completing the sophisticated, finished look of the patio.

The third and final way to extend the family home is to add a deck to it.

A deck can be either laid out against the external wall of the house at ground level or if the house is two stories, added to the second story. A deck is a great way to combine the practicality of a porch and the entertainment value of a patio, with the ability to host outdoor dining, place pot plants or embark on a mini-garden, or give your teenagers a place to hang out with their friends without being in the way inside.

Extending the family home and bringing additions to it that is only going to enhance its value, property-wise and memory-wise are right decisions. With growing families and needs put on the home changing as children grow, it’s always a good idea to reassess things as they change and think about what could be added to make life just that much more enjoyable. Ways of extending the family home like the three mentioned above are invaluable to making a livable environment enjoyable and entertaining. Porches, patios, and decks give the ability to get the most out of owning a home and connect the house with the front and backyard, giving both areas a new purpose. There is an endless array of benefits to embarking on the extension of a family home, and when choosing the right contractor and building materials, these benefits will endure and outlast the children staying at home.