Top Mistakes that a Bride Can Avoid

As a bride, you are looking to make the best out of your wedding day. Since the planning of the wedding is usually seen as something best left to the bride, your partner naturally sees you as the sole planner, even if you already have a planner on the ground.

But things normally don’t go the way brides always want; at times things go the opposite way. Things usually go wrong because of a few mistakes that you make when planning the wedding. Let us look at these mistakes.

    1. Picking the Wedding Date Before Having a Venue

Many couples rush into choosing a wedding date without putting into mind the date and the availability of the said venue. When the date is near, you then realize the venue isn’t available at all – your wedding choice has already been taken up by someone who had the thought of booking the venue way before the wedding date.

    1. Taking Ages to Pick a Venue

Yes, you might make a list of all the venues that you think fit the bill and then make a visit to them, but you shouldn’t let the decision-making process take ages. Make sure you pick the right venue the moment you take the first tour. Remember you are competing with thousands of Tuckasegee couples who are also looking at the same venues from relatively few great venues. If the venue turns out to match your budget, make sure you get the date and then move on with the rest of the planning.

    1. Using Different Venues for the Wedding and the Reception

If you have the convenience of the guests at heart, you need to know that they won’t desire the luxury of having more than an hour of dead time between the ceremony and the reception. This is because many people don’t love to travel from place to place because it is tiresome. You need to find a central place for the event to happen.

There are so many places that offer this luxury, ranging from hotels to castles. One of the top places that you can get this service is CASTLE LADYHAWKE – TUCKASEGEE. It offers you the best in terms of wedding venue, gardens and a reception area.

    1. Opting for Something Not Out of the Ordinary

Many couples are opting for the normal neighbourhood and forgetting to look for something out of the ordinary. Your guests would not mind going to a place that is slightly different and out of the ordinary. It would also add some oomph to the would-be plain wedding.

You can look up with the wedding planner to come up with a few suggestions out of town so that you take the experience to a whole new level. However, make sure the venue has all you need in terms of the space, the amenities and other needs.

    1. Over or Underestimating your Guest Count

Most wedding lists work well when you have a defined number of guests to work with. Make sure you have a range to work with. For instance, if you choose to have 150 guests, then add at least 15 more slots to it. This will take care of the extra guests that might decide to attend in the spur of the moment.

Underestimating the number of guests means that you will not have enough resources for everyone, while overestimating the guests means you will have a lot of leftovers that will go to waste.

    1. Not Having Options

When it comes to your wedding, you need to have enough options so that you have a plan B when something goes wrong. For instance, you need to make sure you have two musicians to work with, so that when one fails you have the luxury of using another one for the ceremony. At the end of the day, everything runs smoothly in case one of the suppliers fails to deliver as promised.

In Closing

Planning a wedding is not such an easy thing – you need to have everything ready and make sure you have your plan in order. One of the ways to do this is to make sure the venue is set and you have all supplies ready. This way you avoid the many mistakes that come with wedding planning.