Crafter: Lovely Sweet William

7Sisters – Shelley, Paula and Jeanine are  Lovely Sweet William, some how or another despite all living in differnt  places around the globe they’ve turned the distance into an amazing collobrative crafting project that has become Lovely Sweet William. They promise to be presenting loads of lovely things at April’s Craft2.0.

One of the great thing about the Lovely Sweet William stall is that there are often lovely packs of paper, fabric and sometimes buttons that you can pick up and get crafting with.

do you sell online? if so where?
0do you sell through shops? If so where: Juniper gallery Newtown The local Shop – Melbourne
What do you make? Art prints and a number of eclectic things we love – what ever we are feeling inspired in at the time.  At the moment we are really enjoying block mounting our prints and turning the images into other objects.9
are you launching anything new at Craft2.0?  The block mounted prints and some cute litte clutch purses
How did you get into crafting? Shelley has been crafting since the very first day her granny gave her some felt to play with (when she was 8), Paula is the illustrator and she has been doodling her life away but I think us pulling together to make a little business has helped her discover her crafting roots.  Jeanine is an ace sewer and bargain hunter.  What a team!
what’s the best thing about being a crafter? The great sense of satisfaction when producing something with your hands thats lovely and/or useful and its got a lotta soul even if its something simple.  The fact that a handmade item has a journey to take all on its own – it could even out survive us – so it has a small legacy.
8What websites/blogs do you like to read? is great fun.  Huge flickr addict too :
what do you love doing apart from crafting? reading blogs, drawing, thrift hunting and hanging out with the wee ones.  Shelley is country mouse and Paula and Jeanine are city girls – Skype is an amazing tool to bridge the gap.

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