Reasons Why Plastic Identification Cards Are Becoming Popular

Many people have come to appreciate the importance of using plastic identification cards as opposed to paper-based cards. While both plastic and laminated cards fulfill the same purpose, there are several reasons why you may prefer one over the other. Today, we focus on plastic ID cards. One great thing about these cards is that they can be used in almost all professions and companies have an option of printing their own cards using specialized types of printers.

So, what are the benefits of using plastic ID cards? Let us look at some of them below.

Unique Customizable Designs

Plastic cards can be customized into various shapes and designs. With the right ID development software, you can be able to incorporate diverse colors, layouts and sizes to suit your personal and business identification needs.  If you are a business person, the way you design your cards say a lot about your brand and plastic cards may be a great option because you can utilize a rich collection of colors to come up with something that is quite unique and attractive. You can easily add some rare effects to your cards to make sure they stand out as effective identification documents.

Plastic Cards Are Durable

In terms of durability, plastic cards do last longer than laminated paper cards. They do not break easily and most of them are water resistant.

Increased Versatility and Security

Plastic cards incorporate more technological features such as chips and magnetic strips which can be used to store virtual information and control access to buildings respectively. Such features enable you to enhance the security of your business by restricting access and controlling usage of sensitive equipment within your premises.

Easy To Develop

All you need to print a plastic id card is some software, printer, slot punches, and printable plastic cards. You can print the cards in sets to save time and resources. Once you collect all the information to be placed on the card, you can use a pre-designed template to create a layout and save it on your computer before printing. You can also use online software to generate and print long lasting plastic id cards free of charge or at a small fee.


Because ID production software gives you an option to preview your cards for printing, it is easy to identify errors and correct them. This ensures that the printouts are both accurate and meet all your needs.


Old plastic cards can be recycled to minimize wastage, save printing costs, and protect the environment from paper-based litter.


As you may have discovered, plastic identification cards seem to be far better than laminated cards. Before printing your cards, ensure that you have the right information so that you do not waste any resources in reprinting. You can choose to create your designs from scratch or use the templates that come with most ID production software. Also, be sure to incorporate features that provide extra durability and protection such as lamination and the use of cardholders.