The Bathroom and the Kitchen

One of the major things that homeowners plan for is the remodeling of the important rooms of the house. There are a lot of rooms within a house that could need remodeling but the two most important that many people decide to start with are the kitchen and the bathroom. These two rooms are two of the most important rooms that need to be redone.

There are numerous reasons as to why these rooms are so important:

·         These are usually the first two rooms that prospective buyers look at when they go to view a home. These are rooms that could make or break a home for buyers. When these two rooms need to be in great shape in order to draw in a prospective buyer’s eye. If there are more than one bathroom, it’s the master bath that you should focus on.

·         Because they are so important to the buyer, they can add a lot of resale value to their price of the home. The money you put into these rooms you can get back plus more if you take the time to do the job the right way.

·         These rooms provide a lot of important functions within the daily routines of a family. Having these rooms updated can make sure to maximize the amount of comfort within your daily life. It is also a way to make sure that they can meet the current needs and wants of every member of the household.

·         It can also help to make a big difference in your wallet. One of the things that has to be factored into the monthly budget is the utility bills. A great way to cut down on these bills is to remodel these rooms with energy efficiency in mind. Energy efficient lighting, low water consumption and energy efficient appliances, and updated insulation are great ways that the remodel of these rooms will help to save on your utility bill.

When you finally get into the remodeling process, there are different challenges that come along with each room. There are a list of accomplishments you want to be able to achieve in each room so that you are satisfied with the results. The bathroom and the kitchen have their own set of features that are important parts of the remodel.

The bathroom can be a little bit smaller of an undertaking, but it has its’ own challenges. The largest challenge when you redo the bathroom is using the correct processes and materials to make sure the room is waterproof. There are other features of the bathroom that require a little bit of planning.

·         The shower/bathtub is the central part of the bathroom. You want to consider who will be using the bathroom before you decide on the various things you are going to add or take away from the room. When it comes to the shower/bathtub you want to realize whether or not you even take baths and whether or not you want to even put one in there. Putting in a great shower install is one way to save space in a smaller bathroom.  If there are people in the home with mobility issues, there are great step in units that can really be easy for them to use without the dangers of a regular bathtub.

·         Many bathrooms have very limited natural light and when you are doing a remodel you will want to figure out if you can add a window to brighten up the space. Natural light not only looks better but it is the best energy efficient option so that you won’t have to turn the light on. You will want to see where you can add a window and what you will need to do to do that.

·         Then there is the floor. It needs to be waterproof and moisture resistant. You do not want the floor to be affected by the moisture in the air in the bathroom or by the water that will get on the floor. Tile and stone are two of the best choices for a bathroom because of their resistance to moisture and not to mention they can be bought to suit any décor.

The kitchen is one of the biggest remodeling jobs that any person can undertake. It is a job that a homeowner needs to take their time on so that it is done right and done the way they want and the way that suits them. This is an important room of the house because of all the different things that a household does in the kitchen. There are a lot of things that need to be considered within the scope of the kitchen.

·         There are a lot of appliances that are needed for the kitchen. It is cost effective, as far as energy efficiency goes, for you to but the energy efficient appliances because of the money they can save you in the long run.

·         The floors and the countertops are the features that can get the attention of prospective buyers and they are the ones that can take the most abuse. These features are the type that need to be redone with the consideration of how they will be used and who will be using them. For example, in a home with children you want to choose materials that are easily cleaned and durable because of the abuse they will take.

Remodeling any room is always a good amount of work. One of the biggest decisions to make is whether to do them yourself or to hire a professional. Take your time and be realistic when you are sitting down to make decisions about any remodeling job.